Personal Creation of Digital Dynamic Savings

in your own self demarked Internet space

Make webmatic capital gains as time go

What are personalized digital savings ?

Each unit of personalized digital savings is a digital dynamic object (Owndated Webquantum) which is composed by the split of money's data on 4 parts each one with a specific utility : part monetary, financial part, taxmatic part and spiritual part.

The expected app at your do-g-phone for the creation of personalized digital savings

Your personal app for yielding wealth , is a predictable, discreet and helper assistant givings you the force to save money, making capital gains and enjoying the capacity to multiply cash, every day at 12:00. 

Thinking of money as a composite of 4 processable parts

Digital dollar (Universocial US digital dollar, symbol UUS$$) contains 4 utilities

monetary, financial, taxmatic and spiritual freedom